Get off your knees boy; stand face to face with your God.  And Find Out What You Are.

Hello, My Name Is Human.  Hello, my name is human.  And I Came Down From The Stars.

I’m up off my knees girl… and I’m face to face with myself.  And I Know Who I Am.

I stole the power from the sun… I’m… (Hello, my Name is Human; and I know who I am!)

· My Name Is Human, Highly Suspect, 2010’s


Interface Credits: Brandon, Garrett, Dann, Chas

Universe Peoples and Cosmic Peoples and Also etc.

Good luck out there, be careful or safe, and always give back when you are able…

Make that positive difference in the world.  The secret is not taking too much if any credit… for a long time.  For so long, you forget what money is, and what is not money.  Then you will be nearing the far shore. Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha! (Gone Gone, Gone Beyond, Gone Beyond Beyond…) (Hail the Goer!) He who is one with himself may escape the wheel of births and deaths!

Ram Dass, Jon Peniel, 3 Initiates, P.D. Ouspensky-😎